Sleek, intuitive, and powerful java and android mobile application development for that mobile distruption we call the mobile android revolution.

Introducing Agile Android Application Development.

Billions of Apps Downloaded.

Android will reach 50 Billion application downloads in 2013. Of that number 90 percent is Google Play with the other 10 percent made dominated by Amazon App Store.

In the US the android mobile platform has over a 50 percent share of the mobile market or to put it another way if you introduce your firm's mobile app or mobile service first in the US you will gain 3 out of every 4 smart-phone users because in the US unlike AT and T Wireless rest of the Mobile Operators love the android mobile system.

Or to put this way your US first launch options can in fact be the android mobile platform as you would get 50% of moible user coverage in the US.

By Java and mobile experts, for mobile device users.

Each android application is built with agile java techniques such as dependency injection, java annotations, singleton lazy loading, and quality instrumented testing ot ensure a qulaity look and feel from andrdoi 4.x and downward to counter device fragmentation.

For a more in-depth explantion review the expertise page or to review development services provied the services page.

Get Your Users to be Engaged.

We are in a fantastic period of harnessing human mind power and multiplying it world-wide with the advant of android application powered android devices in consumer hands. Good and feature hardware is only one part of that equation, an equation where android applications server to complete the other half of the equation.

That is more than pretty graphics and prettly layouts to keep mobile users engaged to use your firm's products on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis. It takes a fast and feature rich UI in that android application to keep the mobile device user engaged.

An UI for an android application has to take the complex underlying data and reduce that complexitiy to a joy to use application.It takes practice as even the Great Edison practiced thousands of times before that actual first working iteration of the light bulb was introduced to the world.

In mobile UI application development due to the changing dynamics we can take a small core UI concept and iterate towards more effective versions over time. Those further feature rich iterations and their release into the Google Play Store serve as a way to re-engage the consumer and re-introduce them to your firm's message and services.

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